La Maison Kaestner (formerly known as P-K and even back in the past NO FACE) is in SL since almost two years.  It offers quality clothings for Femmes et Hommes , shoes , accessories , hair , and a lot more. It has ever been growing since the opening and we hope to become a big fashion house to offer you more and more things. We wish you a fun time shopping in our sim and thank you to take time for us.

Store policies :

-First of all you can join the group which keeps you updated about everything concerning the store.

-Every items are no transfer (plus no modify for some) which means that they will be no refunds , except on double puchases.

-I’m not looking for any place where to rent a store.

-If you im me or send a notecard , it will be IGNORED. If you have any enquiry drop a notecard in the notecard box at the entrance of the store.

-I will consider offers to do a fashion show or an advertising for a magasine.

-I do send out review copies if you ask me thought I will never ask you to review anything.

-If you want an item in a special color , I may do it but it will cost you 1.5 times the price of the item.

-Ideas are welcome and I can do custom clothing if I like it but its much more expensive then.





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