Bonjour tout le monde, first of all I hope you had a merry christmas and I wish you an happy new year. Enjoy your holidays as much as I do. This notecard brings you the long awaited REBORN clothing line pour Femme. The line pour Homme will be released later.

            Due to computer issues and lack of time, the line is much smaller than I planned to do, BUT a lot more things are coming after this release since I decided I would no longer be working by seasons but with small releases, this way I’ll have a better contact with you, my dear customers.

 So  this release brings you 7 brand new items :

– The bustier dress, a classic strapless dress with either a bodycon or a tulle skirt option (Sculpted or Flexi)-  The leather gloves, a simple pair of gloves with three different lengths (Long, Medium or Short)

–   The opaque tights, a pair of plain tights with four shades (Bright, Medium, Dark or  Muted)

–   The highwaist skirt, my signature piece, a silk pleated skirt (Which can also be worn without the prim as highwaist panties)

–   The silk  scarf, it uses the same fabric as the pleated skirt (Can be attached either on Chest or on Spine)

–   The long opened cardigan, a long wool cardigan (Can be long with the Prim or mini if you only wear the Clothing Layer)

–   The mini babydoll dress, a 60ies inspired dress (Using a system skirt and a sculpt for the “loose” effect)

             Each item is declined in a wide palette of colors and includes every layers so you can mix and match as you want.

             I hope you will like those clothings as much as I enjoyed making them. Also coming really really soon is the shoes line which includes more than four pairs of hot and high heels.

Here is THE TAXI.           

A bientôt ,



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